Semester Review

Thursday, December 22, 2016

This semester was a pretty good one. I was a bit nervous at the beginning, mostly because I signed up for chemistry and the lab. I may love all things STEM but I've always had difficulties in chemistry. However, I put in a decent amount of studying and ended up doing pretty well.

I also took calculus which I was REALLY nervous about. Calculus is something that is vital for my major and I knew that this semester would be super important in seeing if I actually have what it takes to major in physics. I studied the most for this class and it really payed off. During the semester it felt like a true sacrifice to spend all my weekends and evenings doing practice problem after practice problem... but it was worth it. I consistently aced each exam and understood the topics easier that I had thought. I'm glad I put in the effort and made that foundation quite strong before I move on to the next levels in the math sequence.

Overall it was a great semester and I can't wait to take physics and calc II in the spring!

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