About Going Back to School

Saturday, January 23, 2016

So I know I'm new to blogging and everywhere I've read for advice has said something about consistency with your posts. Right now I have been posting solely on Saturdays and since it is Saturday I know I need to keep up with the schedule. So here it goes. This is more of a journal entry about going back to college.

I've been on a three year break from school and am only just now starting to transition back into being a student. This semester I am hoping to take one class, either Calc or Astronomy. Since I am planning on going through with the whole physics degree I know I need a leg up in Calc so I am thinking that is what I am going to take. That being said, I have been studying like crazy for the math placement test that I need to pass in order to place into Calculus 1. It's mostly high school algebra and trigonometry but it's actually exhausting. I haven't been too strong in math, especially since I've been avoiding math like the plague for a few years now. I know I can do it with enough practice and determination. That being said, If anyone wants to hop on skype and help me with some high school algebra/trig studying I will gladly accept.

The moral of this story is to stay in school and graduate on time so you don't have to worry, like me, about how much math you've forgotten since high school.


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