Hello! I'm Samantha and I am a university student majoring in physics. I am particularly interested in special relativity. I also love astronomy and space history. In my free time I like to make videos on YouTube. I am currently writing my first novel.

  • What made you decide to major in physics?

    I chose physics because I've always loved learning about space and science. My school didn't have astronomy, I enjoyed physics in high school, and it seemed like a nice middle ground from which I'll later be able to find a variety of opportunities!
  • Where do you go to school?

    I started my college career at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and then transferred recently to a university in Boston, Massachusetts.
  • Why are you writing a novel if you're studying to be a scientist?

    I have always loved science fiction and I spend most of my time either watching sci-fi films or reading sci-fi novels. I love the creative aspect of storytelling, especially of the science fiction genre. I woke up one day and really wanted to write my own story.
  • Why do you have this blog?

    I love making videos on youtube but that is more of a hobby where I just have fun. I wanted a place where I could focus all the energy and love I have for science and science fiction. I'll be using this blog as a place to write reviews of scifi novels, films, and shows as well as document my own experiences as a physics major.

Have your own question? Send me an email with the subject Q&A and I'll respond and even put it on this page! I love making new friends and acquaintance so don't be shy!

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