Praise for Solo: A Star Wars Story – SPOILER FREE

Friday, May 25, 2018

If you don't want anything to sway your opinion of the film before going to see it, then do not read this because it is filled with nothing but praise. If you are worried that you won't like the movie, and are looking for spoiler-free reasons why you should see it, read this post.

Solo has been in theaters for less than 24 hours and I've already seen so much hate for it on Twitter and Facebook. It seems to be all the "casual" Star Wars fans who didn't enjoy it. From dedicated fans, though, I've been reading nothing but praise for the movie and hopes for a sequel. I really enjoyed the movie and thought it was a great addition to the Star Wars universe, and that it was a perfect second stand-alone movie next to Rogue One, which I loved.

There were many moments in the movie that referenced and elaborated on topics from other Star Wars media. I think that Solo does a great job at blending familiarities from other Star Wars sources with fresh, new characters, planets, and topics. It felt very much like a Star Wars film, but without the sharp good vs evil divide. We see Han struggle with what side to take and that is so fresh for a Star Wars movie.

Reasons to go see this movie:
  • HAN SOLO is awesome
  • CHEWBACCA is cute (as always). I LOVE HIM.
  • New Characters
  • New Worlds
  • A cool heist plotline (I love a good heist)
  • A lot of fun backstory
  • It's FUNNY
  • Great Actors
Honestly, I'm bad a spoiler-free reviews but I can say that the movie is fun and enjoyable. I really like these new "A Star Wars Story" anthology films because they give so much extra insight into the world for fans and they also don't require any previous knowledge of other movies in order to enjoy. Someone who has never seen another Star Wars movie could go into Solo and enjoy it just as much as someone who's completely obsessed with the franchise.


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