Fall Semester Supply Haul

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Fall semester is almost here! I start school this Tuesday and I'm super nervous for the first week and getting settled into my classes. For me, the things that makes this time of year worth the stress and anxiety are the school supplies! Here's a list of supplies I've made to get me through this upcoming fall semester.

1. Pens – My favorite are the Pilot Gel Pens at .5mm and then I bought a ten pack of Staedtler triplus fineliner pens which I've never used but I am excited to try out during my note-taking. I love all of the color options!

2. Pencils – I'm a huge fan of mechanical pencils because they usually have built in grips and also because they write smother and never get dull. The colorful Papermate brand with the huge erasers are a must.

3. Pencil Case – Small enough to fit into any bag yet spacious enough to fit all of the essentials.

4. Spiral notebooks – I will usually take a spiral notebook to class with me and leave the loose leaf pages and binders at home. It is super easy to just cary around one spiral notebook and then transfer the pages into separate subject binders at home. The 5 subject Five Star  notebooks are my favorite!

5. Binders for each subject  – I'm a huge fan of using a separate binder for each class. It is a great way to stay organized. For heavy subjects I use a 1.5 inch and then for easier classes i'll use 1 inch binders.

6. Post-It Notes – They don't even have to be brand name stickies but I love to use these to make lists in my planner, additional notes in my book, add-ons to in class or study notes, and general reminders to put up on my computer. (Pro-tip: use double sided tape to keep them stuck to surfaces for extended periods of time)

7. Small Ruler – I like to keep a small six-inch ruler in my pencil case. It's great for making straight lines in notes or making columns and graphs during class.

8. Calculator – As a physics major I have quite a few classes that involve math and calculations (this semester I have a calc class, physics, and a physics lab). Usually a scientific calculation works great but I've been using a graphing calculator for years so it is on my essential list. I love how many options it has.

9. A GOOD Computer – I know how hard it can be to do without a personal computer (spent an entire semester scouting out good computers in the library computer lab for a whole semester). It is so convenient to have your own computer that is fast and functional. I usually handwrite my notes at school, so a laptop isn't quite necessary for my own needs but I know that many people love to type notes in class. Whether it is a good sturdy desktop or a portable and fast laptop, a reliable computer will make university life so simple.

10. Backpack – Okay the last thing on my list is a backpack. It is so important to invest in a good bag that you are comfortable with and that will be sturdy and hold all your books and essential university items. A lot of people use North Face backpacks (I did for a while). Recently I bought a Fjallraven Kanken bag and I am so happy with it. I love the simple design that makes it feel very minimal. Also,  it is very spacious and also waterproof!


So that is my fall semester supply haul/ supply tips. Thanks for reading!

❤ Samantha

Check out my Supply Haul video on YouTube:

What are your must-have supplies? I would love some recommendations!

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