Staying Healthy In College

Saturday, February 18, 2017

One thing I've been struggling with during my college career is finding the time to exercise. I love to run. In the summers I run everyday and it's one of my favorite ways to relax. During the semester it can be hard to make exercising a priority. Here's a list of possible ways to motivate yourself (myself) to exercise when you think there's not enough time.


This is the first and a very important step. Sit down and write out a plan. Make a weekly schedule of when the best time to cram in some exercise time would be. For me, it is definitely right when I finish with classes for the day. It's nice to relax from the academic day by going for a run before I re-stress myself with homework. 


Going to the gym? Running in your neighborhood? Doing yoga in your dorm? No matter what the setting, make the process easier on yourself. Make a specific drawer or shelf for your work out clothing and equipment. That way you can just grab and go.


I know that for me, sometimes exercising can feel like a chore. I will start to feel like it is something I have to do and not something I want to do, which usually ends up in me quitting. Don't push yourself too hard. I don't like to make a time limit or distance limit because that feels really restricting. If I feel motivated, I do set a distance limit but if it is a "chore" day then I'll usually just get out, start, and run until I absolutely can't anymore whether that is after 10 minutes or an hour. 


This is kind of related to the previous tip. While it can seem like a chore, just remember your schedule. You don't have to make a distance or time limit, but make sure you stick to your schedule and get out and do something. You'll feel good once you remember you are fulfilling that first step. 


Okay, so there you have it. Those are my four easy steps to making exercising a priority in college. Do you have any special tips that help you stay motivated?

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