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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

I am both nervous and excited to start school again after a big break. I am registered for Calculus, Chemistry, Chem Lab, Spanish, and English. I'm going to have a lot of work to do and I'm trying to commit myself now to being organized and always prepared. Here's a list of my classic favorites to help get me thought each semester!

I thought it would be cool to just do a short post about my favorite school supplies since I have been knee deep in school supplies shopping and organizing lately. I'm starting my sophomore year of college next week and I've been preparing like crazy. There are my favorite or most used supplies!

Laptop / Tablet

Having a fast, well functioning laptop or tablet is something I cannot go without. Laptops are portable and so convenient for taking notes in class, sending important emails throughout the day, group work, and even to use to view your ebook format textbooks. A good tablet can also be used for the same tasks, but make sure to buy a nifty keyboard attachment!


Staying organized and motivated can get tough after the first few weeks of the semester. Staying organized can help minimize stress and maximize motivation. I like to keep track of important dates such as quizzes, exam dates, homework assignments, and even fun activities happening on campus. Make sure to carry your planner around everywhere because you never know when you'll need to jot down an new event or assignment.  A lot of college campus bookstores sell personalized planners for the university and I love those. I also have been really into bullet journaling and am comtemplating using my bullet journal to keep track of homework and assignments this semester!

Graphing Calculator

I love to carry my calculator around with me wherever I go. Graphing calculators are super great for completing assignments and checking homework answers. A graphing or scientific calculator usually helps in lot of classes required for science majors, such as chemistry, calculus, and even physics.


I love to have textbooks in ebook format. As a physics major, I have a lot of classes with giant textbooks that I wish I could carry around with me constantly so that I can study at any free moment I get. With my textbooks in ebook format I can study and do homework without needing to lug around a giant calculus or chemistry textbook wherever I go. One thing that also works is having a physical copy of the textbook for studying at home and using your laptop or tablet to view the ebook when at school or away from your dorm/home.

What are your favorite school supplies? Have any cool suggestions? Leave a comment below!

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